Momentum Capital’s investment strategy

Momentum Capital’s objective is to generate future-proof returns. To achieve this, Momentum Capital applies the following strategies:

Distressed asset investing & recovery

Investing in companies for sale at a discount relative to its market value or in business units a company is selling off out of necessity. Restructuring subsequently enables recovery, allowing businesses or units to grow into valuable assets.

Joint ventures

Entering into strategic joint ventures with firms that have specific in-house knowledge, working with a local team, providing access to relatively  inaccessible markets, and activities in growth markets.

Momentum Capital focuses on businesses that at least fulfill the
following criteria:

• Management with extensive industry-specific experience
• Active in a growth market
• Knowledge edge in the market
• Future-proof
• Clear value strategy (not speculation)
• Sufficient growth potential in short and medium term
• Clear exit plan

In Momentum Capital’s vision, creating stability and continuity in businesses is as important as returns.