Momentum Capital’s clean technology participations

Momentum Capital has several participations in this industry, including:



CEG is a company that generates sustainable energy based on biomass using torrefaction technology. To this end the company intends to leverage the intellectual property, know-how and production facility to be housed in its new facility in Derby, Great Britain, currently under construction. At this facility CEG will both generate green energy and convert biomass into biocoal. This biocoal is a product that allows conventional coal-fired power stations to produce clean energy and to reduce their fossil fuel-based CO2 emissions, or replace lower energy wood pellets for heating installations with higher energy biocoal pellets.

CEG is headed by Erik Huis.

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Seaborough specializes in developing applications based on LED technology and patents the corresponding intellectual property. This includes a direct plug and play replacement for fluorescent tube lighting and a lighting technique that enables depth perception in poor visibility situations, for example on ski slopes. But Seaborough focuses on more than just visible light; the possibilities of LED technology are much greater. For instance, by applying a very specific spectrum of UV to shorten the curing time of industrial coatings in the automotive and aviation industries spectacularly. Seaborough does not aim to be a manufacturer. Seaborough strives to develop prototypes and find technological proof of principles, after which it will grant licenses based on its patents to producers and/or partners who will implement the technology on a large scale.

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Vantem Modular – SPACEMAX™ (Exit)

The SPACEMAX™ line of high-tech, foldable, portable buildings offer innovative solutions for flexible living and workspace needs. SPACEMAX™ can deploy in less than five minutes with plug-in electrical and plumbing systems. They fold and expand with a proprietary, patent-protected wall system that links together air-tight and water-tight and separates external and internal surfaces with a unique thermal-break design.

SPACEMAX™ is manufactured in New Braunfels (Texas, USA) by Vantem Modular, a company dedicated to ongoing design innovation that will revolutionize the portable and modular building industry. SPACEMAX™ unites are offered worldwide to governments, NGO’s and companies around the world.

Vanterra TEM Capital and Momentum Capital are investors in SPACEMAX™ and Vantem Modular.

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De Mobiele Fabriek

De Mobiele Fabriek is a mobile processing and production facility. In a single process cycle, De Mobiele Fabriek processes rubble and building waste into Q-Bricks, building bricks similar to Lego blocks that can be used without cement. Using Q-Bricks allows for reduced usage of raw materials, decreasing CO2 emissions. The mobile processing and production facility can be deployed in locations such as emerging markets with a high rate of building activities or disaster zones. As De Mobiele Fabriek is fitted in a container, it is easy to relocate and set up in most places, even where access is difficult. De Mobiele Fabriek’s target groups include relief organizations, government bodies, foundations and sustainable companies.

De Mobiele Fabriek is headed by Gerard Steijn.

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