Momentum Capital’s real estate participations

In both Brazil and Poland, Momentum Capital has invested in real estate:

Urbania International – Brazil

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As a real estate and zone developer, Urbania International has extensive experience in developing and building new residential zones and high-quality living environments. In recent years the partners in this business have developed a range of projects in Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, Spain and France, with a total value of over 1.2 billion euros. Urbania International concentrates on large-scale zone development in North-Eastern Brazil and acquiring and repositioning distressed assets in Spain, with a focus on Madrid. Urbania International has branches in Brazil (Fortaleza) and Spain (Madrid and Benalmádena).

The Board members of Urbania International are Tomas Gasset (founding partner), Mark Farber (founding partner), Alberto López (founding partner) and Eduardo Oria (partner).

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Momentum Capital and Urbania International collaborate in a strategic partnership, jointly creating concepts for zone development. Momentum Capital also makes capital available to joint project ventures, enabling the real estate and zone developer to develop large-scale industrial zones and residential zones for the emerging middle class. This allows Urbania International to further reinforce its position as the market leader in North-Eastern Brazil.

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MomentumR.E.D. – Poland

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Real estate and zone developer Momentum Real Estate Development (R.E.D.) is specialized in residential building, and executes projects under direct management or on commission for clients. MomentumR.E.D. pursues a sustainable purchasing and developing policy. MomentumR.E.D. has developed projects in Turkey,  Poland and elsewhere, and is currently focusing fully on Poland. MomentumR.E.D.’s office is located in Warsaw.

MomentumR.E.D.’s Board members are Chris Conner (COO), Jacek Kuhnl-Kinel (head of development) and Daniel Heinst (operations manager).

Momentum Capital provides capital to MomentumR.E.D. to expand its real estate portfolio, focusing on Holiday Park Kownaty

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