Momentum Capital | Private equity and partnership in growth markets

Momentum Capital

Momentum Capital is a Dutch private investment company that invests hands-on for its own account and risk.

Until 2005, the founders of Momentum Capital were entrepreneurial investors who looked for funds in which to invest their own capital. The funds had to be forward-looking and flexible. They also had to anticipate changes in the market and the risks and opportunities associated with these. They wanted investment funds that were truly committed to creating value and successfully closing an investment deal.

They soon learned that anticipating change and adding value were not standard specifications for most investment funds. Most of all, they realized that no one looks after your money better than you do yourself. That’s why, in 2005, they decided to set up Momentum Capital. They built what they were looking for: an independent investment company founded by and for entrepreneurial investors.

Over the past twelve years, they have set a track record of investing in private companies that offer solutions to global challenges – companies that focus primarily on population growth, the need for energy-efficient products, and more sustainable energy sources.

To be able to exert an influence, they opted to invest exclusively in non-listed companies. The benefits are a small group of shareholders, your own people on the board, inside information, and no unpredictable stock market but instead a focus on long-term objectives.

Momentum Capital now also invests with a closed group of influential individuals who can add know-how, network and experience as well as capital. Together, they are creating value with companies by changing industries for the better, to derive profit from doing that.