The global demand for energy is increasing. Momentum Capital invests in new technologies that aim to meet this demand sustainably.



A clear trend in housing is the shift from owning property to 'just' using it.



Time is the new money. We want to spend our time well. That includes our free time.

Curbing climate change

The issue

The use of fossil fuels is a strain on the environment. Additionally, we will have to save energy.

The overwhelming bulk of the energy we use is derived from fossil fuels: petroleum, natural gas, and coal.

93 Use of fossil fuels

Out with old technology, in with the new

The solution

Clean technologies focused on alternative sources of energy or energy saving methods.

Innovative LED technology can reduce the global consumption of energy used for lighting to 14%.

19% Worldwide energy consumption used for lighting

Sustainability and energy savings

The result

Smart LED lighting saves energy and new technologies enable us to make heat and energy supplies more sustainable.


Seaborough - Mike Krames IEEE Fellow 2017
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