Time is the new money. We want to spend our time well. That includes our free time.



The global demand for energy is increasing. Momentum Capital invests in new technologies & plants that aim to meet this demand sustainably.



Energy waste is a threat to the environment. Therefore, Momentum Capital invests in LED innovations for the lighting industry.



A clear trend in housing is the shift from owning property to 'just' using it.

Time and money but no facilities

The issue

An ever-growing global population with an emerging middle class with purchasing power. And barely any leisure facilities.

The predictions are that the world population will grow to 10 billion people by 2050.

1% growth per year of the world population

Providing leisure activities

The solution

A unique experience that centers around amusement parks. Thematically designed parks that appeal to several generations as well as an entire region.

Poland has a population of 38 million people.

68% of the Polish population is below the age of 54

A portfolio of theme parks

The result

A portfolio of theme parks near major urban areas, where previously no theme parks whatsoever could be found.

Our participations

Majaland Kownaty