Energy waste is a threat to the environment. Therefore, Momentum Capital invests in LED innovations for the lighting industry.



The global demand for energy is increasing. Momentum Capital invests in new technologies & plants that aim to meet this demand sustainably.



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A clear trend in housing is the shift from owning property to 'just' using it.

Innovation in the field of lighting

The problem

The 12 billion fluorescent tubes installed worldwide have a high energy consumption and still contain harmful chemicals such as mercury.

3.2% of the target in the Paris Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions is achieved if all fluorescent lamps are replaced by LED.

Pioneering LED innovations

The solution

Seaborough invents and develops pioneering LED innovations for the lighting industry. Without harmful substances such as mercury and cadmium, and with significant cost savings and energy savings.

In October 2018, the European Commission awarded a 1 million euro subsidy for the development of high-quality materials for LEDs.

1 mio euro subsidy

Sustainability and energy savings

The result

With its oneTLed technology, Seaborough is the only one to develop an LED tube that fits on all transformers.

Our participations



Seaborough - Mike Krames IEEE Fellow 2017