A clear trend in housing is the shift from owning property to 'just' using it.



The global demand for energy is increasing. Momentum Capital invests in new technologies & plants that aim to meet this demand sustainably.



Energy waste is a threat to the environment. Therefore, Momentum Capital invests in LED innovations for the lighting industry.



Time is the new money. We want to spend our time well. That includes our free time.

A growing housing shortage

The issue

Short-term, ready-made housing services are still mostly unavailable to young urbanites. Yet the need for these services is unquestionably present.

Urbanisation: the population shift from rural to urban residency

66% of the world population lives in cities by 2050

Housing is a service

The solution

A real estate portfolio in European cities. Connected to a digital platform featuring desired services for the user and an optimal occupancy rate for the property owner.

Millennials: generation born between 1981-1996

66% By 2025, Millennials will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce

Urbanization and technology combined

The result

Housing as a service with our own real estate portfolio, begun in Barcelona and expanding to Paris and Amsterdam.

Our participations

Urbania International